WCB - WS Ice Cream Freezer Upgrade Kits

  • Refrigeration valve upgrade to an ICM BPR by installing the direct operated motor valve kit.
  • Freezer back pressure regulator (bpr) upgrade.
  • Liquid motorized valve and level control.


Ice Cream Freezers Spare Parts for the following models: WS, CB, APV, Crepaco

  • Ice Cream Pumps; gear pumps.
  • SPX-Waukesha Pumps.
  • Rubber Pumps
  • Pre-Aerators (CR mixer)
  • Freezing cylinders for WS, Crepaco and CB freezer.
  • Scraper blades for all ice cream freezers.
  • WS series dashers.
  • Model DF dasher are interchangeable with existing WS freezers.
  • Ingredient feeder parts for the following models: APV, Crepaco, Cherry Burrell and WCB.

Anderson, Fillers, wrappers and Stormax

  • Vitaline parts: Chain, molds, Extractor Bars, Cylinders, ect.
  • Vitaline filler parts.
  • Stormax Stick Inserters.
  • Anderson 593 Wrappers.
  • Anderson 591 Bar Stackers.
  • Anderson 592 carton former.
  • Anderson filler parts: for models 456, 555 & 588.
  • Glacier Extrusion Tunnel: Chains and Sprocket assemblies, Plates, ect.

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